A Day with the Girls!

March 27, 2009

The days are getting warmer and my Rhode Island Reds are very happy. The youngest are now starting to lay "practice" eggs which started out the size of grape tomatoes and have now progressed to very small eggs. Needless to say the "girls" are very proud of themselves and strut around the yard like they own the place!

I heard someone say that Nature has a way of taking care of itself and watching my chickens gives
me a true appreciation for them. In the past the only concern I had for chicken was if it was to be fried, broiled or baked. I look at these funny feathered fiends now, and realize that they each have their own quirky personalities and mannerisms. How would I ever have known that by looking at that chicken leg quarter on my plate what I was missing?

oes that mean that I'll stop eating chicken? No, probably not, (I don't eat it often to begin with) but it does mean I'll give them just a little bit more respect and will be a little more grateful when I do.

id I say I love my chickens? Yes, I do... indeed I do!

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Lori said...

I have to agree, they are quite comical. We have one who always finds a way out of the pen ~ while her sister panics inside the pen trying to find her way out!

Valerie said...

Haha, yes mine are doing the same thing. They've figured out how to fly out and in again. Even being able to do that they go nutz at the fence when one gets out before the other.
Clara has taken on the role of rooster and has been "yelling" on and off all day. I run out to make sure there's no animals about and she just saunters up to me calm as a cucumber. Grrrr....