A Gift from a Dryad

March 30, 2009

Ever have a moment of drought in your creativity? A moment when no matter what you try to create falls flat? I admit to having plenty of those moments lately, and they usually happen when I stop listening to my muse and try to force a creative idea.

On a walk in the woods near my home last week I happened on some beautiful pieces of "live wood" from a fallen pine, and popped them into my backpack along with an assorted sundry of treasure the forest offered up. Giving thanks for the gifts, I practically skipped home with excitement from the vibes I felt from my visit.

Once home, I did a thorough baking to sanitize the pine then laid them out on my coffee table and sketched out a few ideas... dryads sometimes place gifts of their special wood alongside the pathways of individuals who love trees, Nature and Mother Earth, and who are aware enough to perceive this special gift. They clone themselves into these pieces of wood with the intention to help us while at the same time to acquire the means to see the world without being rooted to the ground.

I decided to honor the spirit of the tree by sculpting an interpretation of a dryad "emerging" from the wood. Dryads are neutral and do not respond to he or she, but I felt that this particular spirit was feminine and sculpted her as such. I do not think she will mind, lol. It's a work in progress and will post pictures as she nears completion.

am thinking that this will make a lovely wall hanging piece, what do you think?

*Note*- The first two pictures are before the polymer clay was cured, and the addition of a left hand. The bottom two are with the first "wash" of color.

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A Day with the Girls!

March 27, 2009

The days are getting warmer and my Rhode Island Reds are very happy. The youngest are now starting to lay "practice" eggs which started out the size of grape tomatoes and have now progressed to very small eggs. Needless to say the "girls" are very proud of themselves and strut around the yard like they own the place!

I heard someone say that Nature has a way of taking care of itself and watching my chickens gives
me a true appreciation for them. In the past the only concern I had for chicken was if it was to be fried, broiled or baked. I look at these funny feathered fiends now, and realize that they each have their own quirky personalities and mannerisms. How would I ever have known that by looking at that chicken leg quarter on my plate what I was missing?

oes that mean that I'll stop eating chicken? No, probably not, (I don't eat it often to begin with) but it does mean I'll give them just a little bit more respect and will be a little more grateful when I do.

id I say I love my chickens? Yes, I do... indeed I do!

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Sylvan Sprite Earrings

Sylvan sprite's will love to add these to their wardrobe this Spring! A recent foray into the forest produced some gorgeous imprints of Silver Maple leaves from which these luminous earrings were created.
Hand sculpted leaves of Kato clay cured, hand buffed, antiqued, and accented with mica powders. The earring wires are fancy copper and the spiral attached to the leaves are accented with rainbow hued Tourmaline gemstones.
These would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves Nature, Fantasy, or, for faeries and dryads looking to add to their Spring accessories!!

Earrings are 1 1/2" in length and come in a hand crafted gift box.
Rainbow toumaline enhances creativity, transforms negativity, and promotes loving aspirations to be realized.

Can be found in my FuzzB shop! Thanks for looking and supporting my art.

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Are You a Dragon Slayer?

March 23, 2009

DRAGON SLAYERZ from ulteriorproductions.com on Vimeo.

Very funny and well done!

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Spring Fairy Necklace

March 16, 2009

I love pastel colors and the weighty feel of certain gemstones. So, while digging around in my box of goodies pulled out these amazing adventurine nuggets that I've been saving for a rainy day. On a recent trip to one of my favorite findings manufacturers, Wolfe E Myrow, I also grabbed some gorgeous fire polished Czech beads in a stunning Jonquil color. (some of which I will be adding to my Etsy shop)

The necklace was created using sterling silver and alternating the stones to create a 16" choker. I also added two more inches using Czech beads as an extender and finished with a hand forged sterling clasp.

As the focal piece I've used a carved Amazonite leaf and created a small flower that sits nicely on top of it using iridescent pink Drusy beads and a Swarovski center.
I'd debated keeping it for myself or putting into my Etsy shop. I usually post things I've created on my Facebook page to show family and friends first. A wonderfully talented polymer clay artist,
Cheri Desiree purchased it shortly after it was posted.

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