Visitor to the Hen House

December 27, 2008

It seems we have a new visitor to my hen's house. This pesky squirrel insists on making daily raids to steal tidbits and when I've chased him off has the nerve to come back with his two sidekicks and continue to pilfe whatever they can. I literally walked right up to about two feet from them and they just look at me as if I am the intruder bothering them. Cheeky devils!

And here are my two newest "peeps". They are nine week old Rhode Island Red hens. After living for a week in my shed they've made the transition to the "big" house where the pecking order has been established with no blood shed yet, lol.

Clara was most vocal in her opposition to the newcomers and Belle hearing her sister holler chimed right in.

If you've never seen a hen pitch a fit of jealousy, well let's just say I have never laughed so hard in ages. I'll post some new pics of the "girls" later this week.


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Lori said...

Wow, we haven't had any squirrels going in to the coop. Maybe NB chickens are just tougher =)

Kathy said...

My husband always laughs at me when I say my fantasy is to have chickens. We are in a residentially-zoned area in New Jersey and not allowed to have them. You are living my dream.

Valerie said...

They are so much fun, I think. They keep me amused for hours with their antics, and we have the best eggs each day as a bonus. Although I admit mucking out the hen house is a stinky job, it's worth it. :)

Jessica (Hey Lola) said...

You have a henhouse. That's just...awesome. I'm seriously jealous. I'd probably talk about my henhouse all of the time if I had one, just to show off.