Forest Dryad Pendant

December 27, 2008

A quick snap of a piece I created for my mom. She found this leaf and thought I'd like to use it in my art and I thought it would make a pretty pendant for her in turn. The bail is sterling, it's accented with quartz faceted beads, and the adjustable ribbon is hand dyed silk.

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Lori said...

Very sweet ~

Kathy said...

Beautiful face...I always look for faces in natural objects. This is lovely.

Valerie said...

I grew up outdoors and in the past year have really connected again to the natural world. I like to think I do homage to the trees by giving them faces and personalities. ;)

Liesl Troll said...

Gotcha Val !!! This is so adorable !!! Can I order one from you ????

Big hugs, Liesl / Silke

Zan Asha said...

This is beautiful!