Forest Dryad Pendant

December 27, 2008

A quick snap of a piece I created for my mom. She found this leaf and thought I'd like to use it in my art and I thought it would make a pretty pendant for her in turn. The bail is sterling, it's accented with quartz faceted beads, and the adjustable ribbon is hand dyed silk.

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Visitor to the Hen House

It seems we have a new visitor to my hen's house. This pesky squirrel insists on making daily raids to steal tidbits and when I've chased him off has the nerve to come back with his two sidekicks and continue to pilfe whatever they can. I literally walked right up to about two feet from them and they just look at me as if I am the intruder bothering them. Cheeky devils!

And here are my two newest "peeps". They are nine week old Rhode Island Red hens. After living for a week in my shed they've made the transition to the "big" house where the pecking order has been established with no blood shed yet, lol.

Clara was most vocal in her opposition to the newcomers and Belle hearing her sister holler chimed right in.

If you've never seen a hen pitch a fit of jealousy, well let's just say I have never laughed so hard in ages. I'll post some new pics of the "girls" later this week.


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December 10, 2008

Wouldn't our world be a better place if we all practiced a bit more "validation"? It's very easy!

Thanks to John Halcyon Styn for turning me onto it. YOU ARE AWESOME!

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Prosti-pouting plastic this the end??

December 4, 2008

Say it isn't so!

No more Bratz dolls?

Can't say that I'm disappointed in the prosti-pouting plastic divas demise. The thought of a doll dressed in fishnets, boas, heavy makeup and miniskirts marketed to 4-8 year old girls is at the least disturbing, and even more so, is watching companies advocating this sexuality on young children. Wasn't it enough with the busty wasp waisted Barbie?

It's a shame that this whole drama had to play out in the courts. With the current economic crisis is this to be what we should expect going forward? Companies playing out their competition in the courts, jockeying for more bail out money?

I guess Barbie's not down for the count yet. For more read on...(MORE)

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Sleeping Dryad Necklace

December 1, 2008

Winter's here and fey folk and tree spirits are slumbering.

This lovely sleeping dryad is sculpted onto an imprint of a 2 1/2" Oak leaf from my yard in Rhode Island. Hand sculpted of polymer clay and colored using inks, mica powders, and watercolors, the oxidized copper spiral bail signifies the never ending cycle of life that is present in many of my pieces.

Available in my Etsy shop and on sale until midnight tonight!

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