Holly Berry Necklace

November 22, 2008

The Holly Tree- symbol of the life force, vitality and immortality. It is considered a lucky tree to grow in the garden because it wards off negative energies. In winter druids would advise people to take holly into their homes, as they believed it would shelter the elves and fairies who could join humans at this time without causing them injury.

Holly was also believed to protect against lightning and was often planted near the house. It has been proved that the spikes of the holly leaves act like miniature lightning conductors, and so protect the tree.

This lovely Holly leaf & Coral berry necklace was created from imprinting holly leaves from my yard onto Kato clay. Bright red coral berries strung with sterling silver wire dangle jauntily from the leaves.

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Tatyana said...

Excellent post..! That necklace is absolutely marvelous and incredible.