Norway Maple Spirit Pendant

August 13, 2008

Spent the day out in my screen house with all of my crafty things yesterday. I hauled out the television and set it up so I could watch TV, loaded up on ice coffee, lounged in my chair and created some lovely things for you all.
I took an imprint of a 1 3/4" Norway Maple leaf and painted a tiny face of a tree nymph that peers out from under layers of lavender and green mica powders. The hanger is sterling silver spiral and is accented by a vintage bead that has been recycled from an old necklace. I love to recycle old sterling jewelry and beads into new pieces. The total length of the pendant is 2 1/4".

I also made two other pair of really cool earrings but it got dark before I could snap any pics. Oh well, tomorrow's another day!! Stay tuned!

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I love your leaf pendants and earrings!! They are wonderful! I create "leaf" spirits in silk, which I hand-dye, and then put a face in the center!!

You have delightful creations!