Advent of Fall Maple Leaf Pendant/Ornament

August 9, 2008

I am really enjoying my venture so far with my wearable art and leaf jewelry. There are so many benefits that I can see:

Being outside (which I love) and walking the woods and fields around my home and my parents. It's refreshing to drive and pull over on a random road because I've seen an interesting tree or spot to stop and investigate.
Advancing in different techniques and directions with my art that I've always wanted to try. I love sculpting miniatures but also love to draw and up until now have not done much in that regard. Sculpting fantasy art is so much fun but the market has become flooded to the point where it's become a giant competition for patrons, and there's only so much money to go around, lol.
Slowly making a bit of money to support my art, which is important to me. My goal is to do this full time but I am realistic enough to realize that it takes time, so I've broken down my full time goal into pieces that I can gauge more effectively.

So, I am reading about trees, and their place in history, and creating my small pieces of art in tribute.

Here's my latest pendant/ornament:

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Bonnie said...

Your writing and your art tells me you are a lady at peace with yourself and the world. Love the sound of your birds singing. I think we would probably get along rather well...

Valerie said...

Thank you Bonnie, I definitely agree.