Raspberry Leaf Necklace on Etsy

July 18, 2008

According to the ancient Greek myth, all raspberries were once white in color. That was, until the day the God Jupiter was in such a rage that the Nymph Ida, to appease him, went and picked him some wild raspberries. It seems that while she was picking the berries she pricked her finger on the thorns of a raspberry bush. Legend has it that her blood, from that point on, stained all raspberries a bright red color.
I have listed another unique necklace in my Etsy shop today. I love this leaf because it was so different. It is one leaf but in it's growing phase merged with another leaf. The result is a two in one beauty. The polymer clay raspberry adds to the colorful face of the plant's spirit.

It can be seen here: My Etsy Shop

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