July 26, 2008

I first heard about Type O Negative a year ago when my son introduced me to their music. He was right. I loved the sound, lyrics and most of all the voice of lead singer, Peter Steele. When listening to music there are those far and few between times when a song really touches something deep inside that you can really relate to. I'd never seen the band, never heard of them before but the music on some level really spoke to me. (Then again at my age it could be dementia but I prefer to think of it as inspiration.)

I saw them for the first time this past year and was mesmerized by the show they put on. As a group they were amazing and I became an instant fan (can I say that without sounding cheesy?). And, as you can guess developed a "crush" on the Greenman, Peter Steele.

Steele puts his soul out there for all of us to hear and feel. It's both a joy to hear and painful at the same time because you can sense that this is a guy who's gone through some tough times, and still is.

One of his songs called "Greenman", is one I really like. This past week while it was raining I was working on some of my leaf pendants and after I heard this song decided to put a likeness of Peter's face to an Oak leaf. I think he'd like it. Here's the result and the lyrics to Type O Negative's Greenman:

Spring won’t come, the need of strife
To struggle to be freed from hard ground
The evening mists that creep and crawl
Will drench in the dew and so drown

I’m the green man
The green man

Sol in prime sweet summertime
Cast shadows of doubt on my face
A midday sun, it’s caustic hues
Refracting within the still lake

Autumn in her flaming dress
Of orange, brown, gold fallen leaves
My mistress of the frigid night
I worship pray to on my knees

Winter’s breath of filthy snow
Befrosted paths to the unknown
Have my lips turned true purple
Life is coming to an end
So says me, me wiccan friend
Nature coming full circle

I’m the green man
The green man

October Rust, 1996

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brett said...

I love your work.

nicaeli said...

that pendant is so beautiful, so is your blog!