Finally, New Leaf Ornaments!

July 11, 2008

I finally was able to list some new leaf ornaments in my Etsy shop today. For the past year I've tried to do my art full time and although I've definitely made forward progress, I can't keep up with the economy, so off I've been to job hunt.
Tedious, boring...necessary.

Anywhooo, here are three new pieces I've been able to complete. I also have a 6" full sculpt of a tree nymph I am working on as a companion to my leaf ornaments. They have asked for a "gopher", and, as the leaves are my muses who am I to say no?

The first two are from my Sugar maple tree and the third is a gorgeous Silver maple leaf from my daughters yard. As a final step I've also smudged all the pieces to keep the yucky energy from job hunting away. :)

All three pieces are available in my Etsy shop:

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Joy said...

Valerie these leaves of yours are just wonderful, keep em coming. When I get some birthday money I think I might have one. Hope to catch up in chat soon. x