Nature's Spirits~Wearable Art

June 18, 2008

I recently took a break from sculpting this past winter, when arthritis flared up and my hands wouldn't cooperate. As weather turned warmer and the dreary colors of Winter gave way to springs bounty, I began to play with my clay again but in a limited capacity. After smushing a dozen sculpts I wasn't happy with, I started making imprints of leaves I collected around my yard. I delight in the texture and look they have in polymer and my experiments with tinting and drawing on the clay, led me in the direction of wearable pieces of art all inspired by my love of Nature and the belief that all living things have a spirit. One thing led to another and it evolved into a line of Nature based fantasy pieces that I sell on Etsy. My shop can be seen at: ELYSIANFIELDS ON ETSY!

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Joy said...

Hey Valerie
its looking good my dear. Glad u took the plunge and did a blog, its fun and a really good way of remembering when you did stuff. I shall keep popping in now.
Hugs Joy x

niftyknits said...

wow - I shall have to go and look at your shop now!

Gifts, Etc. said...

Beautiful! Your blog is looking really good.

Art for Hair said...

Great blog, I love your banner! Best of luck with it and sales :)