Morning Symphony

June 20, 2008

When I wake each day one of my favorite things to do is go outside with my coffee and sit for a bit. I have bird feeders all along the tree line of my property and each day the variety of birds that visit me is amazing. Birds of every color and hue, melodic sounds as they sing to each other, and the beauty of the day always inspires me. I've been feeding them for so long now that many who are regular guests to the feeders tolerate my presence quite well. I am probably a bit of an oddity to them as I sit with a steaming cup of coffee, glasses somewhat askew and my outfit...well, out in the country early in the morning, let's just say, there's no need to dress up.
I added a bit of sound to my page I found that is very close to what I hear each day. I hope it inspires you too. The picture is of a Cedar Waxwing that I took last year. He was most annoyed that I'd disrupted his breakfast and looked at me like, "Lady, are you still here?"

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Lori said...

Love the music you have added to your page. Congratulations on being selected as favorite artist!

Joy said...

Oh that music is just lovely. Sadly coffe in the garden is a bit fleeting as it always rains here. Lots of birdies though. Quite jealous of your surroundings.