A Few new Pieces

June 24, 2008

I took the imprint of the Silver Maple and tried out some alcohol inks on it to see how it'd come out. I used Kato translucent clay, painted a face on the leaf and after it was sealed applied the inks. The result was kinda edgy I think.

We had really bad weather so the pics I took outdoors are a bit off but I'm pleased with this one. It's totally different than my other pieces and has a mystic quality to it.

My next piece was my first attempt at creating a bracelet. It's 8" hammered copper eyelet links. Czech beads accent the jump rings as well as hand tinted leaves of different types. I wanted something delicate that also carried the theme of nature and could easily go along with the necklaces.

Both of these pieces will be available in my Etsy shop: http://elysianfields.etsy.com/

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Nancy said...

Very creative and delicate! The images are haunting...